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  J9九游会网址_西甲球星阿扎尔代言是一家专业从事组合立杆,拼接屏支架、伸缩支架、防水箱和异型支架生产及销售的厂家。                世和电子作为专业监控周边器材的生产商,一直将为安防行业的经销商和工程商提供优质安全产品为己任。目前,世和产品运用于小区、工厂、广场、道路、郊区、机场等。为无数工程商提供优质的产品与完美的解决方案。        
                                        Wenzhou Shihe electronic technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the production and sales of combined pole, splicing screen support, telescopic bracket, waterproof box and special-shaped bracket. Committed to designing and producing high quality products for customers.As a professional CCTV accessories manufacture, Shihe Electronics has always been committed to providing quality and safety products todistributors and contractors in the security industry.  At present,our products are widely used in communities,factories,squares,roads,suburbs,airports,etc.  Providing numerous customers with quality products and perfect solutions,meet the individual needs of different customers.
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In view of the current security market,Shihe will continue to expand its security surrounding business,aiming to provide one-stop security support services for customer.  We will provide the most professional and the most professional and the most stringent product support to escort your success.
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