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What specifications are applicable to the monitoring rod in the residential area

Issuing time:2016-09-03 19:12

The standard community monitoring pole is usually about 3.5 meters high, buried in the ground about 1 meter, exposed outside about 2 meters, the community monitoring scope is generally not large, the benchmark can not be too high. Such benchmarks are usually readily available.

Monitoring pole is a columnar support used for the installation of outdoor surveillance cameras. Road monitoring is usually made with a height of 6 meters and a horizontal arm of 1 meter. There are no special circumstances. The concrete of all the embedded parts of the monitoring rod is C25 concrete, and the reinforcing bar of the foundation of the monitoring rod meets the national standard and wind requirements. The cement is no. 425 ordinary Portland cement. The proportion and minimum cement amount of monitoring rod foundation concrete should comply with THE provisions of GBJ204-83.

In addition, the monitoring rod manufacturers remind you that in the installation of the monitoring rod, the monitoring rod must have a good grounding and the best lead into the underground (recommended conductive rod body), the grounding resistance is less than 4 euro; The thread above the anchor bolt flange of embedded parts is well wrapped to prevent damage to the thread. According to the installation drawing of the embedded parts, place the embedded parts of the monitoring pole correctly, and ensure that the protruding direction of the arm rod is vertical to the driveway (or as required by the engineer), and the anchor bolt is used as the main bar. If the concrete pouring surface of the monitoring pole foundation is less than 5mm/m, try to keep the embedded parts of the pole level. The flange of the embedded parts is 20~30 mm low out of the surrounding ground, and then covered with C25 fine stone concrete to strengthen the rib to prevent water accumulation.

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