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LCD splicing screen application industry

Issuing time:2019-11-20 16:48

Nowadays, under the background of low carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection, LCD splicing technology has developed rapidly. With the development of China's urbanization process and the popularity of smart cities, the application field of LCD splicing screen has been continuously expanded. Now, it has covered many industries such as entertainment, security, radio and television, advertising and so on, providing technology and product support for LCD splicing large screen for different fields.

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First, video surveillance applications

Video surveillance is used in many places, such as the Public Security Bureau, traffic police brigade, supervision bureau, and so on. As long as the monitoring screen on the LCD splicing screen can monitor traffic information in real time, without personnel to patrol, so as to save manpower.

Second, exhibition application

LCD splicing screen is also commonly used in the exhibition, customers through the LCD splicing screen to show what to sell, what this thing is used for, what benefits and other information can be displayed through the LCD splicing screen.

Although the LCD splicing screen is widely used in these four industries, it also has a place in other industries. After all, LCD splicing screen display advantages and civilian price is a big boost to its market development.

Third, business

In recent years, the application of LCD splicing screen in business is more and more extensive. As soon as you walk into the mall, you can know what you want to buy through the information on the LCD splicing screen. You can also see what categories have discounts today, which is convenient and time-saving and attracts customers

Fourth, the application of LCD splicing screen in conference

The meeting through the LCD splicing wall display system for video conference in the application of accept network video communication face to face communication and work report, can also realize, voice, video, images of the flexible display, to a certain extent, can arouse the enthusiasm of the representatives of sensory perception, greatly improving the effect of the meeting.

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